Out of the newsroom or after the deadline on a print production, I spend a lot of time thinking up new magazine, newspaper, and website formats, and talking about ways to improve existing ways of communicating.

 KircherBurkhardt  is a fast-moving, Berlin-based media consultancy, advising major media owners on a wide range of content, design, production and promotion issues. It also has editorial, digital, marketing and corporate publishing divisions. I am editorial director.


After relaunching the  American Chamber of Commerce  in Germany's membership magazine in the 1990s, I went on to advise them on special media projects and served as a member of their executive committee in Berlin from 2003 until 2007.

AmCham Germany

I was member of the selections committee for the  CNN Journalist of the Year 2007 Award,  vetting news features submitted from Europe.

CNN Journalist Award